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A full service pallet company that specializes in reconditioned and new pallets.

Unlike most pallet companies that store pallets and material outside, all of our pallets are stored inside keeping them dry and free of animal debris. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and quality products. We would be happy to give you a quote for any of the following services:

Pallet Products

  • Reconditioned pallets
  • Recycled pallets that have been repaired
  • New pallets – built on our Viking nailing machine. Insuring the highest quality in every pallet that you purchase.
  • Hybrid Pallets – built with combination of reconditioned and new material.

Pallet Services

  • Do you have broken pallets that you could use if they were repaired? Ask about our repair and return programs. – If you have extra pallets that you can’t use? We can help you by either dropping a trailer or pick them up.

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CS Pallet

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